Our vegetables Glacis

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1er Grand Prix de l'Innovation SIRHA 2011

Our range of Vegetable Glacis are natural concentrations of vegetables, obtained by reduction of vegetable juices (carrot, onion, tomato...).

Our products designed by Chefs for Chefs can be used as an ingredient of a wide variety of products:soups, sauces, purées, pan fried dishes and simmered, foams and emulsions, dressings...


Advantages :


- Taste : Dishes with authentic flavours and intense colours

- Convenience and versatility : Easy to use, they elicit creativity

- 100% natural product : No additives, no GMOs, no flavour enhancers, no added salt 

- Nutritious and health : Encourages the consumption of vegetables, contributes to the replacement of sugar, fat and salt in the finished products – Natural bioactive components

- Economic impact : Low dosage, time saved on preparation...


Characteristics :


Conservation : chilled or frozen.

Chilled :12 months before opening between 0 and 4°C.   To consume within 3 months maximum after opening.

Packaging : 1 kg Squeeze bottles - 6 bottles per cardboard box - 105 cardboard box per pallet,  630 kg per pallet. 500 ml squeeze bottles – 6 bottles per cardboard box.

At the moment...
Cuisi'nat awarded "the Innovation Award"
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